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From Field to Fibre

Nigel Ashton and Yvonne Gardner of Bonheur Alpacas in France write about their alpaca venture in the Limousin. Well off we go then, put the kettle on whilst I gather my thoughts, won't take long, there are not many coherent…

Alpacas in Norway

Married couple Nina and Rolf Barbakken moved into the countryside of Norway in 2007 after a career as successful IT consultants and project managers in Oslo. Today they are importers and breeders of a herd of quality alpacas in a…

A Good Night From Them

The art of hand-crafting alpaca duvets by Magdalena Kot and Malgorzata Radziak We created the 'My Alpaca' brand and range of products because we believe that healthy, comfortable and luxurious sleep is essential to a long life and sustained happiness.…

Travels With My Mother

Julie Taylor-Browne writes: In February 2016 I received an email telling me that international alpaca judge Wade Gease had two or three spaces left on his 2016 Peru twelve day adventure. Idly I clicked on the itinerary and became immediately intrigued. More in the spirit of…
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