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Latest News & Features

Temevale Alpacas

Having a feel for Feeding

Top ten tips of alpaca nutrition, by Jane Vaughan BVSc PhD MACVSc

Making their Presents Felt

Penny Watkin is an Alpaca owner and accomplished crafter from Devon, winning numerous competitions at both local and national level.

Absolut Magic

Ilya Smirnov of Rossiiskiye Alpaki Farm writes about her experience of bringing alpacas to Russia.

Give me some skin

Phenotypic Links Between Skin Thickness, Follicular Density, And fibre Growth Rates in Alpacas. By Ian Watt, Alpaca Consulting Services USA.

Two of a Kind

Peru is taking a patriotic leap into the unknown by attempting to become the first country in the world to clone alpacas.

Hitting the Canvas

Four alpacas at Longfield Academy in Melton Mowbray called Sooty, Bambi, Teddy and Moonie, were the inspiration for Debbie Crowdy’s colourful paintings of alpacas.

Ready? Trek!

Alpaca trekking is a profitable business for many alpaca owners. The British Alpaca Trekking Association provides the necessary guidance.

Tracking Genetic Change Using EPDs

Estimated Progeny Differences are used in many livestock industries to speed up genetic change. We explore some of the changes in the American alpaca industry.