Spring 2017

A Better Future

In search of alpacas and sustainable alpaca yarns.

The existence of a Peruvian alpaca living in the Andes appears to be close to the most perfect that an animal can strive for. The alpacas living in the Andes spend their days walking around with ”their friends” in the most beautiful scenery. There are no fences and nobody to tell them where to go. When it starts to get dark, the animals return to their alpaca breeder families, they know how to find home, and they all go together. I experienced this amazing phenomenon in August 2016 during my unforgettable visit to alpaca breeder families in the Marcapa area in the Peruvian Andes

But how does an ordinary Danish woman from the other side of the world end up in a place like this ? The story is very simple and like life itself filled with good luck and coincidences.

My niece Sofie is married to Rafael who is Peruvian, and when Sofie returned to Denmark from her first visit to Lima, she brought the most wonderful alpaca wool products. Right there the idea of starting to import luxury alpaca products is born, and soon our small three owner company, Frisenvang, is established.

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