Autumn 2016

A Good Night From Them

The art of hand-crafting alpaca duvets by Magdalena Kot and Malgorzata Radziak

We created the ‘My Alpaca’ brand and range of products because we believe that healthy, comfortable and luxurious sleep is essential to a long life and sustained happiness. To make the very best bedding possible, we decided to combine modern textile knowledge and materials with traditional hand-quilting methods and artisanal attention to detail. Thus, our work preserves and promotes the quality and artistry of meticulous craftsmanship – and makes it available to today’s discerning customer.

It all started with a small alpaca farm near Krosno at the Sub Carpathian region of Poland. In the course of our work we have got to know and love alpacas – gentle, happy animals, generously giving of their fibre, which happens to be a medium suited to hand labour and a perfect material for duvets and pillows that are as beneficial as they are luxurious.

A duvet filled with alpaca fibre has unique thermoregulatory characteristics; it adapts to your body temperature during sleep, does not retain moisture and is hypoallergenic. In addition to being healthy and natural, alpaca fibre is also extraordinarily soft and lightweight. Truly the best nature can offer. And we decided to make the best alpaca duvets by hand, for unmatched comfort and quality in every detail.

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