A treat for your feet

Alpaca fibre has many applications and the latest one is in India. Angela Preuss of Surilana Alpacas in Australia tells us the story.

Combine 100% Australian grown suri alpaca fleece with centuries of Indian craftsmanship, and the results of this collaboration are exquisite rugs that showcase the beauty and potential of suri alpaca fibre.

Surilana, the largest breeders of suri alpaca in Australia are very proud to be supplying Australian grown suri fleece to Indian artisans for the production of these stunning, 100% handmade, hand-knotted suri rugs. These rugs highlight the tradition, nature, art and culture of how handmade rugs are made.

We were first approached by the Indian rug company, who were looking to source large quantities of suri fibre for their rug project. The process of exporting the fleece required a lot of documentation and the fleece takes from 45 – 60 days to arrive at its destination in India.

The first shipment of suri fleece to India was 2,500 kilos and they have since ordered a further 4,000 kilos. In the first order it was only white, light fawn and black suri fleece that was sent, with this second shipment it also includes brown, fawn and grey suri fibre.

For Surilana, it was extremely satisfying to see beautiful Australian grown suri fleece transformed into such a magnificent product. The rugs are a very new product to Australia and they were first showcased at the 2018 Australian Alpaca Spectacular Show, and the first rug order has now been submitted.

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