Alpaca World magazine was launched in 2002 by alpaca breeders Chas Brooke and Rachel Hebditch and is now in its fourteenth year. The magazine brings together the hot topics, research and experience from alpaca experts around the world, aims to present the best advice available to new breeders and showcases the products made from the luxurious fibre.

Alpaca World Magazine is a quarterly full colour glossy publication with a print run of 4000 copies for each issue, distributed between subscribers, UK retail country stores, agricultural shows and British Alpaca Society Show Class events.

All contributions are welcome should you have a story that you feel must be told.

The editor Rachel Hebditch trained on the Mirror Group Training Scheme based at West of England Newspapers and worked as a news reporter on the Daily Record and Daily Mirror before moving to Granada Television and the BBC as a producer.

Chas and Rachel own Classical MileEnd Alpacas, one of the South West’s largest alpaca stud and breeding farm, are owners of  UK Alpaca Ltd, a company that manufactures yarns from the fleeces of alpacas bred in the UK, founder members of the British Alpaca Futurity and the Alpaca Bloodstock Breeders Association and past board members the British Alpaca Society and current members of the British Alpaca Society, the New Zealand Alpaca Association, the Australian Alpaca Association and the American Owners and Breeders Association.


The magazine is produced from our farm office in mid Devon, designed by Tim Roberts, whilst Heidi Hardy is the advertising manager. It is available on an annual subscription basis in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, either as a delivered printed magazine or as an e-magazine downloadable from this website.

Its subscribers are mainly in the UK and Europe. The rest of the world includes subscriptions from Australia, the USA, New Zealand, Canada, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Qatar and South Africa.

The magazine is also distributed to nearly 100 retail country store outlets spread throughout the UK, where it is made available free of charge to their customers.

The Team

Director Chas Brooke is in charge of all things financial, running the accounts and subscriber database.


Editor Rachel Hebditch commissions the articles and writes a few too. Always on the lookout for a good story.


Designer Tim Roberts the fastest designer in the West and headline writer extraordinaire.

Advertising Manager Heidi Hardy has many talents, a qualified hypnotherapist during the day, an advertising salesperson in between, a runner for charity and it seems a glamorous Rocky Horror Show cast member.


Alice is not a very good guard dog but a very lovable cavapoo.