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Ilya Smirnov of Rossiiskiye Alpaki Farm writes about her experience of bringing alpacas to Russia.

Since childhood my family has had many different animals: dogs, cats, turtles, parrots, quails, doves and goats. My two brothers, parents and I travelled throughout the United States and saw a lot of alpaca farms. It was really cool to be there and we really loved alpacas. Thus, we decided that we also wanted get alpacas to the Moscow region of Russia.

The process was not easy or simple. We spent around two years getting all the documents for their transportation. Finally, in 2012, they arrived here from an American alpaca farm not far from New Jersey. We now have eighteen alpacas and are the biggest alpaca farm in Russia.

Because we started to work with alpacas we moved to the countryside to a farm. We live here and many people come to see our alpacas every weekend. Alpacas are okay with our climate. -15 or even -30 is fine for them. We made warm houses for them and they are free to go out when they want during the whole year. In summer we shear them. Usually we shear them in May when it gets warmer here. Also, we have a small wool production. And we sell it to our visitors.

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