Please see the details below for more information on our advertising rates, or click here to download our advertising pack in PDF format.

Alpaca World Magazine – setting the standard for breeders and advertisers

Since 2002 Alpaca World Magazine has been recognised internationally for its excellent editorial content and its quarterly publication has become essential reading for the alpaca enthusiast. Its alpaca owning editorial team have published news and informative articles from around the world covering all aspects of alpaca ownership, alpaca research and its wonderful fibre.

With increasing costs of print publication and distribution and the modern acceptance of free information available at the touch of a keyboard means that Alpaca World has made the decision to embrace modern technology and offer the same content via a digital platform that is free to view for all those that provide their contact details. website provides easy navigation via tablet, smart phone or computer, offering advertising opportunities, FREE What’s On listings for alpaca events worldwide and a directory for suppliers, breeders and all those contractors you might need to find in a hurry.

With Google translate incorporated into the platform, users can choose to read the news and feature articles in which ever language they chose. This will increase the worldwide readership and give increased opportunities for advertisers to reach their local potential customer base.

Advertising in offers a premium way to reach a worldwide alpaca audience with affordable options on placements. Advertising is booked on a 3 month basis with attractive discounts for longer campaigns.


For all advertising enquires please contact: Heidi Hardy
Alpaca World Magazine Advertising Manager
Tel: +44 (0)1598 752 799


Accepted file types

Resolution should be set to 72ppi.
Colour set up: RGB
JPEG file at maximum quality.

Submitting artwork

Please submit artwork as a .jpg file to:
Heidi Hardy

Design of your advertisement

Minor alterations/updates to your advertisement are free of charge.

If you would like us to create a new design/layout for your advertisement we would be happy to provide you with a quote prior to preparation. The charge will be invoiced separately by Tim Roberts of TRG Design:
Tel: +44 (0)1392 279 371

Advertising Rates

Pos. Description No. Available Visibility Full Price 2 Periods
less 5%
3 Periods
less 10%
4 Periods
less 15%
1 Full page width landscape, 3 second slide 4 Home Page £495 £470 £446 £421
2 Smaller landscape, 3 second slide with 4 in view at any one time. Additional benefit of 3 text lines underneath advert. 8 Home Page £310 £295 £279 £264
3 Banner landscape.
3 second revolve.
2 Home Page £325 £309 £293 £276
4 Side bar upper landscape,
3 second revolve.
4 All Pages £105 £100 £95 £89
5 Side bar middle landscape,
3 second revolve.
4 All Pages £105 £100 £95 £89
6 Side bar lower landscape,
3 second revolve.
4 All Pages £105 £100 £95 £89
What’s On Simple entry, runs until event date has passed. Unlimited All pages FREE
What’s On Expanded entry, runs until event date has passed. Unlimited All pages £50
Directory Simple entry, runs for 1 year. Unlimited Directory listing £39
Directory Expanded entry, runs for 1 year. Unlimited Directory listing £99


Pricing for adverts in positions 1-6 is for a 3 month period. Pricing for the directory listing is for a 12 month
period. No VAT is due or included on any advertising or listing prices.

For adverts in Position 1, please provide artwork for both the full page width and for the side bar size as this is
automatically switched to when viewed on smartphone or tablet.

All advert positions in a slide or revolve do so on a continual basis, and does not require a page refresh to

Expanded Directory listing includes Google maps, click through website linking and expanded description field.

Billing will be dated as at time of confirmed booking. Payment must be made prior to publishing date.


What’s On and Directory Listing entries are made and booked through the website using the What’s On and Directory tab.

For banner and side bar advert positions 1-7 please contact:
Alpaca World Magazine Advertising Manager
Heidi Hardy
Tel: +44 (0)1598 752 799