Alpaca World Magazine – setting the standard for breeders and advertisers

Now it its 14th year and recognised internationally for its excellent editorial content, Alpaca World Magazine is essential reading for the alpaca enthusiast. It is packed with informative, educational and fun articles written by those that know, covering all aspects of alpaca ownership and its wonderful fibre.

The magazine brings together the hot topics, research and experience from alpaca experts around the world, aims to present the best advice available to new breeders and showcases the products made from the luxurious fibre.

Alpaca World Magazine is a quarterly full colour glossy publication distributed between subscribers, UK retail country stores, major alpaca breeders and industry leaders, agricultural shows and British Alpaca Society Show Class events. Advertise to a targeted distribution of 3,500 copies per issue to alpaca owners and country stores throughout the UK. You will reach committed owners and those who are interested in learning more. Competitive rates with no VAT to pay.

Alpaca World’s website provides easy navigation via tablet, smartphone or computer, new advertising opportunities, free What’s On listings for alpaca events worldwide and a Directory for suppliers, breeders and all those contractors you might need to find in a hurry.

Special deals are available for a combined print and website campaign.


For all advertising enquires please contact:
Alpaca World Magazine Advertising Manager
Heidi Hardy
Tel: +44 (0)1598 752 799

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Advertising Rates (Magazine)

Position Price GBP (£) Prepay Run of 2 Prepay Run of 4 Prepay
Full page: inside front* 495.00 470.25 445.50 423.23 396.00 376.20
Full page: inside back* 473.00 449.35 425.70 404.42 378.40 359.48
Full page: back cover* 550.00 522.50 495.00 470.25 440.00 418.00
Full page
Full page – right hand
page guaranteed
310.00 294.50 279.00








Half page
Half page – right hand
page guaranteed
175.00 166.25 157.50








Quarter page 99.00 94.05 89.10 84.65 79.20 75.24
Eigth page 55.00 52.25 49.50 47.03 44.00 41.80
Breeders Directory** 39.00

*Cover bookings: we will offer the cover spaces to breeders on a first come, first served basis each spring for 4 issues, from a waiting list of those who have requested these spaces.
**Entry can be made and booked through the website.



Advertising Rates (Website)

Position Price GBP (£)
Banner 1 350.00/year
Side bar 2 99.00/year
Whats On Expanded entry. Runs until event date has passed 50.00
Directory Print magazine only 39.00/year
Directory Print magazine and website 75.00/year
Directory Print magazine and expanded entry on website 3 99.00/year

1 Long banner advert is continuously visible on all pages and not shared with other advertisers. Please provide
artwork for both banner and side bar sizes as side bar size is automatically switched to when viewed on smart
phones and tablets.
2 Side Bar advert position revolves in sequence on a continual basis with other advertisers and is visible on all
pages. Does not require page refresh to revolve.
3 Expanded entry includes Google maps, logo, click through website linking, and expanded description field.


Whats On and Directory Listing entries are made and booked through the website.

For Banner and Side Bar advertising please contact:
Alpaca World Magazine Advertising Manager
Heidi Hardy
Tel: +44 (0)1598 752 799




Accepted file types – magazine

Minimum resolution: 300dpi.
Colour set up: CMYK.

  • ‘Press Quality’ PDF file. Fonts embedded.
  • Adobe Illustrator files complete with fonts as ‘outlines’ and all linked files (unless embedded).
  • EPS files with fonts and graphics embedded and including an 8 Bit TIFF header.
  • JPEG file at maximum quality.
  • TIFF with LZW image compression.

Accepted file types – website

Resolution should be set to 72ppi.
Colour set up: RGB.

  • JPEG file at maximum quality.

Submitting artwork

Please submit artwork to Tim Roberts of TRG Design:
Tel: +44 (0)1392 279 371
Mobile: 07913 150672

Design of your advertisement

Minor alterations/updates to your advertisement are free of charge.

If you would like us to create a new design/layout for your advertisement we would be happy to provide you
with a quote prior to preparation. The charge will be invoiced separately by Tim Roberts of TRG Design.