All things woolly and wonderful

Just when you thought a Sunday at Yarndale was just another normal day, a flock of Skipton’s Giant Swaledales came ambling down the aisle, kept under control by Sammy, the disobedient sheepdog.

This was the sixth Yarndale Festival, celebrating all things woolly and wonderful, held in the auction mart just outside Skipton. The place is stuffed with stands selling everything you can imagine made from natural fibres plus workshops, a Knit and Natter Lounge, swarms of knitted and crocheted butterflies, hundreds of knitted poppies and a Sock Knitting Clinic – who’d have thought!

Alpaca was well represented too. Purl Alpaca Designs, the brainchild of Cambridge based Tracy Birch, who sells her fashionable patterns and 100% British alpaca yarns. And yes, she is wearing her PJs in this picture, often very cold at Yarndale.

Blacker Yarns is the sales end of the Natural Fibre Company, based in Launceston, that processes yarn for many alpaca breeders as does the Border Mill, the clue is in the name, based in the Scottish Borders. They make a range of stunning short run yarns, the alpaca/rose fibre blend being a hot seller.

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