Alpacas Going Public

Are You Insured and Licensed when Your Camelids Meet the People?

“If you open your farm to the public and have staff and or volunteers working for you, then you are at risk”, says Jacinta Nastali, Business Development Manager for H&H Insurance Brokers.

Here, Jacinta reminds Alpaca owners how recently introduced legislation exposes them to hitherto unforeseen liabilities, as increasing numbers of them, and their animals, are interacting with the General Public.

Partly, this is an insurance issue. Your usual insurance, taken out by owners of Alpacas and Llamas, covers their animals for death from accident, sickness or disease. Thought is often not given to the increasing interaction with the general public which exposes new threats to your businesses.

It is also a matter of licencing. Anyone who keeps camelids which are expected to interact with the public must be licensed by their local County Council. The licence insists that owners adhere to the new Animal Welfare Regulations which were introduced in October 2018.

This new legislation has been done in order to bring the licensing regime up to date with local government regulation and improving animal care standards and make it compatible with the Animal Welfare Act 2006. There are several changes to this legalisation, so it is important to read the new Regulations and Conditions carefully to ensure compliance.

“The costs of the licence can vary enormously – however, whatever the cost, it is an essential requirement if your animals meet the general public. Your licence will be provided by your local council. In many instances, it will require you to have the correct insurance in place”, Jacinta reminds.

Licensable activities include selling animals as pets, hiring out and keeping or training animals for exhibition. These remain covered by existing legislation but do still require a licence.

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