Blast from the past

We are going back in time to the heady days of 1998 when the British Alpaca Society was in the last quarter of its first year, membership had reached 140 and the first edition of ‘the alpaca’ magazine in Spring 1998 had been published. Pat Bentley was the chairman and the other board members were Joy Whitehead (also editor of the magazine) Lyn Scott, Val Fullerlove, David Rose and Paul Dawson. Rachel Hebditch writes.

Many of the advertisers in this issue are still trading – Bozedown Alpacas, MileEnd Alpacas, now Classical MileEnd Alpacas, Stanford Livestock, The Alpaca Centre in Cumbria – some not – Blackmore Vale Alpacas, Syke House Alpacas, Jameela Alpacas.

Things were moving fast by the Summer of 1998 with new board members Mike Coghlan, Julie O’Donnell and Phillipa Wills. The Fibre Co-operative was set up, the Alpaca Registry was nearly ready to open, the first AGM had been held.

In the Chairman’s Communique Pat Bentley writes: As the re-elected chairman, I feel like a front seat traveller on a rear engined train – it’s exciting, but a bit unnerving. I can assure members that I have an accelerator – and access to steering wheel and clutch if need be, but no brakes!

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