Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Peru

Quechua Benefit has come up with an ambitious plan to raise three million dollars over three years to attempt to break the cycle of poverty in the remote highland communities in  Peru.

AMERICAN ALPACA BREEDER Mike Safley went to Peru in the early 1990’s to buy and export alpacas to the USA. While working in the most remote regions he realised that the Quechua people are among the poorest on earth. He met Don Julio Barreda of Accoyo and saw the passion he had for his community. The two of them decided to try and make a difference and so in 1996 Quechua Benefit was formed.

Since then hundreds of volunteers have delivered free healthcare to more than 100,000 patients, provided disaster relief, built a primary school Casa Chapi, built community  infrastructure and established lifelong relationships with the people in Peru. But time and experience have brought the realisation that small efforts, delivered sporadically, do not lead to lasting change for the Quechua people.

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