Brexit and exports

A No Deal Brexit will mean that the system for exporting animals into the EU will change. DEFRA have issued the following guidance to transporters:

Following the publication of technical notices in September 2018, on what will happen in the event of a no deal scenario, we want to draw your attention to the situation for Transport Authorisations and what you will need to do in order to continue to export live animals to the EU after day 1 in the event of no deal.

In January 2018, the EU commission confirmed that in the event of a no deal scenario when the UK exits the EU, they will no longer accept Transporter Authorisation, Certificates of Competence or Vehicle Approval Certificates issued by the UK authority. A link to the notice can be found here:

Defra have been working to ensure this information is communicated to all relevant stakeholders and have published a series of Technical Notices, which can be viewed on the links below. In addition to transporter authorisation, the technical notices will provide additional information on other processes which may impact upon you or your business.

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