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Anglesey Alpacas and the North and Mid Wales Alpaca Group (NMWAG). By Elaine Bavington of Anglesey Alpacas and member of the NMWAG.

We currently have 53 members in the North and Mid Wales (NMWAG), with members spread out over a large area in the counties of Gwynedd, Anglesey, Flint, North Powys, Clwyd, North Dyfed, North Shropshire and Cheshire! Originally there was a Messenger chat group called North Wales Alpacas started by Tim Smith in September 2016 which was then merged with a similar Facebook group in October 2017 and now we get more members every week. Our group has seen a 14% growth in members over the last month.

In rural and mountainous regions building up a network can take time as not everyone is on social media and often contacts are made by word of mouth. This is proving to be a point of contact for alpaca owners and is a useful forum to advertise animals and equipment for sale, ask for advice on treatments or health issues, and to advertise training days and social events which are open to the group. We also have adverts for Stud Services and even borrowing and sharing medication if someone has run out of something or if it has a short shelf life.

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