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What to do with beserk Alpacas (part 2)

In part one of this article described how to identify a berserk camelid, and the preliminary steps of clicker training (positively reinforcing) the behaviour you want

Beyond freedom

The concept of the Five Freedoms was developed in order to set minimum standards that must be considered when managing farmed animals.

A sound foundation

International judge Nick Harrington Smith of Alpaca Evolution takes us through the basics of alpaca conformation.

Pregnancy loss in the alpaca

Losses arising from abortion are distressing for owner and animal alike and are a financial set back.

What to do with beserk males (and females…)

Julie Taylor-Browne of CamelidSense writes: In the fifteen years I have been training and working with camelids and their owners, I have seen and heard too many heart-breaking stories about ‘beserk’ alpacas.

Walk the line

Alpaca trekking has become a big business all over Britain with hundreds of farms welcoming members of the public to walk an alpaca.

General Sir John Wilsey GCB CBE

Many readers will have read the obituaries in the broadsheets for General Sir John Wilsey; only those who were in the alpaca business in its earlier days will have known of his significant involvement in the development of the industry.

Handlin’ the weaned

The sight and sound of alpaca dams moaning and fixing the breeder with an accusatory stare and whining cria working on their best Houdini escape route, is upon us. It is weaning time.