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The tradition of weaving in Peru stretches back through 5,000 years of history, from the coastal cities of Paracas and Nazca to the high Andean communities of Cusco and Ayacucho.

Chips ahoy!

The potato is immensely important to the people of South America where thousands of varieties are grown. Traditionally the tubers were freeze dried but this is becoming more difficult due to climate change.

Blast from the past: A new millennium

It is the Summer of 2000 and membership of the British Alpaca Society has risen to three hundred and eighty.

Maxing out!

Maximising value from your fleeces is what most alpaca breeders strive to do but don’t necessarily know how to do it or what their end game is.

Fleece in the east

Joe Phelan of K2Alpacas reports on his recent trip to China as part of the 2019 Agricultural & Trade Development Global Summit.

The Four-legged Teacher

Education and Therapeutic interventions through Alpacas, Horses and other animals. By Heather Watson, Wiltshire Equine Assisted Learning.

Reading Fibre Test results

Monitoring objective fibre traits using fibre measurement makes a lot of sense. It allows fleece growers the opportunity to select alpacas that are likely to produce the more valuable fleeces.

The Case of the Missing Coarse Fibres

When I first became involved with fibre testing alpacas over 15 years ago, about the only figure on alpaca fibre test reports that received any interest was the average fibre diameter (microns).