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Checking out the Chaccu

Joe Phelan of K2Alpacas in Ireland brings back some great memories after a trip to Peru for the Fiesta.

‘Pacas and mad Englishmen

Nigel Ashton of Bonheur Alpacas writes. Ah, there you are. Come in, come in, sit down there’s plenty of room.

Hidden Histories

Khipu is the record keeping system of elaborately knotted strings used by the Inca Empire that is still mysterious and largely undeciphered.

Setting the Pace

Camelids’ Unique Gait & Foot Structure. By Sue Alt dmv and David E Anderson d.v.m., ms, dacvs, College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University.

Camelids: the doctor’s new friend

Scientists have identified a potential treatment for cancer in the unlikeliest of sources, camelids.

Calamity Josephine

As vets it not only means taking care of our own small alpaca herd, but also trying to help clients with alpacas in need.

Musings of a fleece grader

Every year around ten thousand kilos of fleece comes into the grading barn at UK Alpaca. The quality is wildly variable from absolutely gorgeous to horrid – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Boys will be Boys

Stud Males and How to Get it Right. By Nick Harrington Smith, BAS and AOA Judge of Alpaca Evolution.