Checking out the Chaccu

Joe Phelan of K2Alpacas in Ireland brings back some great memories after a trip to Peru for the Fiesta.

After missing my flight to Arequipa I was prepared to take a 10 hour bus journey to get to Arequipa in time for the Chaccu (pronounced Choc Who) such was MY desire to participate in this ancient ritual. But as luck would have it a second flight which was to leave 1 minute after THE original flight was delayed by 2 hours and I was able to get on it.

The Chaccu was the one event I was really looking forward to. It goes back to Inca times and probably further. The Chaccus are usually held in November or December but for us gringos visiting Peru they held one in October on the first day of the Alpaca Fiesta 2018.

The Chaccu is an ancient tradition where the wild vicunas are rounded up for shearing, the vicuna is shorn every two years.

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