Crate Expectations

Nic Cooper of Southern Alpacas Stud writes about the trials and tribulations of import and export.

Ever since alpacas were “discovered” and spread to the world outside South America, the export and import of alpacas has been a big, and profitable, part of the alpaca bloodstock industry. Whilst it is very understandable for a country just starting their alpaca industry to obtain seed stock from abroad, and then occasionally refresh genetics, the practice appears to have become a little out of hand in the alpaca industry. It seems the grass is always greener in another country. And for a time it may be. But not forever.

Import/export is expensive and carries risks to both importer and exporter that are usually not recognised by those attempting the transaction. The recent pulling of the New Zealand to European Union protocol due to “administrative misunderstanding” in the wording of one clause has created havoc on the last shipment, which travelled in part, but only to the UK, and has now stranded in New Zealand 70 or so alpaca – purchased by Europeans out of New Zealand and Australia – leaving those involved in the transactions in the unenviable position of having to convince the EU Commissioners that a documentation change is necessary.

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