Dairy stories

Old World Camelids – namely camels – are being used for their highly nutritious milk in Dubai and in Holland. You can even buy it in Asda.

This year the Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products ‘Camelicious’ has launched its first Camel Milk based Baby Formula.

Mutasher Awadh Al Badry, Camelicious Deputy General Manager explained: “We had dedicated ourselves to develop a special formula for the world’s first instant baby milk processed from camel milk in cooperation with international pioneers in baby milk industry. This innovative product is exclusive for babies aged from 1-3 years.

Camel milk does have great advantages. It contains five times more Vitamin C than cow’s milk, ten times more iron, a shelf life of two weeks for pasteurised milk and its protein structure is similar to human milk. Research at the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory in Dubai indicates that drinking half a litre a day provides the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C and that it is ideal for people with lactose intolerance or allergies, aids cardio-vascular functioning and can lower cholesterol. It has always been a staple of the Bedouins and was used by women for its anti-ageing and natural healing properties.

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