Fleece in the east

Joe Phelan of K2Alpacas reports on his recent trip to China as part of the 2019 Agricultural & Trade Development Global Summit.

You can image my surprise when I received an invite to China in late June. Alpacas never cease to surprise and amaze me. The experiences we’ve had, those wonderful moments now etched in my memory would not have happened were it not for these unique quirky animals. I get some much joy and fun from them all the time. They just keep giving again and again.

The invite was to the 2019 Agricultural & Trade Development Global Summit part of the World Trade Centre Exhibition in Beijing. We had been in contact with these guys for the last two years, however the invite was still a surprise and was on a very tight deadline.

I got my business cards printed in Chinese and English and off I went. Arriving in Beijing I was greeted at the airport and the hospitality from start to finish was like another level up on Fr Ted’s Mrs Doyle. Chinese tea is very good.

My first impressions were how clean everywhere is and the smog/pollution haze I expected was not evident. They have achieved a lot in a very short period. The new China which has evolved over the last 30 years is obvious, their use of technology is abundant with most people paying by phone, smart QQR Codes everywhere. Even on WeChat you have your own QQR Code. Everyone uses WeChat which is used for personal and business purposes and for communication and sharing all forms of media. I am a big fan. Its clever, easy to use and has great functionality.

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