Great Outdoors!

* Above: Team members wear items from their performance gear line during a thermal imaging test. The brighter colours show where heat is being lost. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Gorham)

University team develops outdoor gear with alpaca fill – alpaca fibre needed.
By Deb Hill

You never know what opportunities you’ll run into at an AOA national show. The national halter show in Peoria, Illinois is a perfect example. While “manning” the Alpacas Magazine booth, a small sign caught my attention: “We buy fleece.”

If you have alpacas, you know how loudly this message resonates. Of course, I had to investigate.

The sign was hanging in the Choice Alpacas vendor booth. Choice Alpacas, owned by Brian Schieber, is based in La Jolla, California. As a vendor of alpaca products, Schieber said he is committed to the U.S. alpaca industry and is always on the lookout for ways to support North American breeders.

That commitment led him to partner with a brand new outdoor clothing manufacturer, Paca Performance Gear. But this is not just any outdoor clothing company – this one is developed and run by a team of university students and professors.


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