Hearing due for Geronimo case

Many of you will have been following the case of Geronimo, a black stud male imported from New Zealand. This is a complex case involving the alpaca industry’s voluntary blood testing scheme for bovine tuberculosis, the government’s testing regime and the issue of priming.

In the latest development the High Court has granted permission to apply for judicial review. This means that the High Court considered the case to have sufficient merit such that it can now proceed to a substantive hearing. There is no date for the hearing but it is not expected to be heard before Spring 2019. The High Court denied a request by DEFRA to have the hearing expedited.

The breeder Helen Macdonald has been running a campaign to stop DEFRA slaughtering her alpaca after failing blood tests after he arrived in the UK. A website called savegeronimo.org has recently been set up to raise funds for the legal action. There is also a crowdfunding appeal at https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/saveGeronimo

The website states: ‘We continue to try to engage with the Secretary of State and his advisers in the hope that he will reconsider his position and consent to the further testing of Geronimo, thereby avoiding the need for the substantive hearing and saving wholly unnecessary expenditure.

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