Hitting the Canvas

Four alpacas at Longfield Academy in Melton Mowbray called Sooty, Bambi, Teddy and Moonie, were the inspiration for Debbie Crowdy’s colourful paintings of alpacas.

Debbie writes: I only started painting 14 months ago. I was suffering from anxiety and my partner suggested I take up a hobby and as my daughter Keira was very into art at the time and I loved painting at school I decided to have a go.

I bought some canvases and then found a painting by an artist called Steven Brown and decided to try and create it myself. My daughter’s school has an after school club where the children can feed and care for the alpacas. Keira asked me to paint an alpaca for her room.

I am really proud of how my paintings have turned out and feel I am really coming into my own as an artist although I am most proud of my alpaca paintings. I use acrylic paint and set with a clear lacquer and the canvases I use are 16 inch by 20.

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