International line-up at BVCS

The British Veterinary Camelid Society two day conference 2019 was held in mid November at Castle Combe, near Bath. Speakers included Sonja Franz, Professor for Ruminant Medicine and Surgery at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna; Karin Mueller who is a Senior Lecturer at Liverpool Univesity; Eleanora Po who works at the University of Cambridge as a farm animal clinician and Claire E. Whitehead, the current President of the British Veterinary Camelid Society.

Subjects covered ranged from parasite control, blood collection, transfusion medicine, infectious diseases in camelids, dermatological complaints in alpacas, the effect of testicular size on breeding behaviour, recent publications in camelid medicine and surgery and topics from the Oregon International Health Conference 2019 and a personal persepective on a TB breakdown and management.

Marieke and Leo Van Merwijk, veterinarians from Holland and the owners of Alpacas of the Lowlands attended the conference. Marieke writes:

After a couple of years of not attending the annual BVCS conference, due to being too busy, we did find time to go together this year.

Saturday morning, attending the conference on time, turned out to be a challenge. If one thinks that closed fences aren’t meant to enter. We did spend too much time driving up and down passing a closed fence with a small sign ‘entrance’. When we finally decided to go to this closed fence it opened automatically, and there it was, the Manor House Hotel. A very nice venue with loads of ‘getting lost opportunities’.

There it was, the Manor House Hotel – a very nice venue with loads of ‘getting lost opportunities’

So we started a little later than the other attendees, with Prof. Sonja Franz from Austria opening the BVCS conference with an update about alpacas and their parasites, in short not only anthelmintic treatment but also pasture management is important maybe even more important in our battle to keep our alpacas safe.

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