Autumn 2017

Magic in Miniature

Who knew that long suri fibre would be such a ‘must have’ for those who make wigs for dolls. One such company is Zerga Studio, based in Poland, who buy their long suri from UK Alpaca Ltd. Emilia Machnik has the story.

Zerga Studio is a studio that produces semi-finished products from suri fibre for BJD collectible figurines and dolls. The company is based in Poland, in Szczecinek. The founders are Emilia and Przemyslaw Machnik. “We really wanted the project to be related to art.”

BJD’s are high quality collectible figurines and dolls that are gaining popularity in the world, especially in Asian countries. They are made mostly of polyurethane resin, their bodies have so-called spherical joints, so they can positively pose. They have a price of 300 to even tens of thousands of dollars.

These are not children’s toys but are artistic and collectible items. Dolls can be realistic, full of eroticism, beautiful, but also defective or imperfect. Very often they are famous characters such as elves and other fantastic creatures. They can be styled by changing clothes, make-up, eyes or wigs. Often they have wings, elf ears and so on.

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