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It is the time of year for those annual funfests AGMs. Below, reports on the British Alpaca Society AGM and the Australian Alpaca Association AGM.

The BAS Board had examined and approved the accounts at their July meeting. No questions were asked regarding the accounts at the AGM. The accounts were proposed by Neil Payne and seconded by Mary-Jo Smith and carried by the meeting.

Vote on two amendments to the Articles

403 members took part in the poll to determine support for, or opposition to, the resolutions (389 on-line, 2 proxy votes and 13 at the AGM).


Article 9 be amended as shown below so that the number of members participating in a meeting or decision be changed to reflect modern communication methods

9. No business shall be transacted at any general meeting unless.each of the following Articles 9.1 and 9.2 are both satisfied:
9.1 a quorum is present, with a duly convened general meeting requiring a quorum of:
9.1.1 three (3) persons entitled to vote upon the business to be transacted, each being a member or a duly authorised representative of a member organisation; or
9.1.2 such persons totalling one tenth of the total number of members of the Society for the time being, up to a maximum of thirty (30), whichever is greater; and
9.2 the number of persons voting on a resolution being considered at such a general meeting, whether physically present or through proxy or electronic means, shall be equal to or greater than 10% of the total number of members of the Society as were registered as members of the Society in the previous year.

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