Spring 2017

The Judges Story

International judge Robin Näsemann has been breeding alpacas with his family for twelve years. Their farm is called “Abolengo de Alpaca” and they have 70 alpacas that graze on “Gut Aldenhövel” in Lüdinghausen. Alpacas caught our attention on a TV…
Spring 2017

A Better Future

In search of alpacas and sustainable alpaca yarns. The existence of a Peruvian alpaca living in the Andes appears to be close to the most perfect that an animal can strive for. The alpacas living in the Andes spend their…
Spring 2017

Forest Adventure

Charnwood Forest Alpacas is owned and managed by Chris Deakin and Laura Stock. Their growing herd of 130 pedigree alpacas are making themselves known both within the local community as well as to a wider visiting public with their gentle…
Spring 2017

Kia Ora Alpaca

New Zealand has a similar sized alpaca industry as Britain and, just like here, there is lots going on to utilise alpaca fibre and turn it into saleable products. The companies involved all have different aims and ambitions; here are…
Winter 2016

Green Dream

With 37 years' service in a financial services organisation Joe Phelan of Green Alpacas recently saw himself being categorised as 'ageing'. What has generated this excitement you may ask? With my kids all independently on their way and suffering from empty nest…
Winter 2016

Guardian Angels

Paige Matthews, Dr Wendy Brown, Dr Amanda Doughty, and David Mitchell explore alpaca guardian behaviour. Alpacas were first imported into Australia by the entrepreneurial Charles Ledger in 1858, and after a shaky start, Australia now has one of the largest registered alpaca…
Winter 2016

Alpaca Embryo Transfer

The Ins and Outs of Learning a New Skill. By Jude Anderson, Pucara Alpacas IN my 25 years of alpaca experience, 2016 was a standout year of learning, excitement, joy, frustration, disappointment and above all, great personal pride in an achievement…
Autumn 2016

From Field to Fibre

Nigel Ashton and Yvonne Gardner of Bonheur Alpacas in France write about their alpaca venture in the Limousin. Well off we go then, put the kettle on whilst I gather my thoughts, won't take long, there are not many coherent…
Autumn 2016

Alpacas in Norway

Married couple Nina and Rolf Barbakken moved into the countryside of Norway in 2007 after a career as successful IT consultants and project managers in Oslo. Today they are importers and breeders of a herd of quality alpacas in a…
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