Nutrition and Body scoring

Winter is on its way with colder days and nights and less goodness in the grass. Older alpacas and young cria may well need more supplementation to keep their body condition at the correct level.

The basics are to ensure the herd has unlimited access to clean fresh water, maximise pasture intake, supplement all classes of stock with high fibre supplements if the pasture is limiting and give Vitamin D during the dark months. Geriatric alpacas and very young cria may benefit from being housed at night.

A key way to check the condition of your herd is body scoring as fully fleeced alpacas may look in good condition when really they are not. For youngsters body scoring is also recommended along with regular weighing to make sure they reach the target weight for their age.

Below is the body scoring chart showing emaciated to obese and where to feel on the spine.

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