Ready? Trek!

Alpaca trekking is a profitable business for many alpaca owners fuelled by the desire of many people to get up close and personal with alpacas. Graeme Barrett set up a Facebook group, the British Alpaca Trekking Association, to provide guidance to those breeders who want to set up a trekking business. Here is his story.

Hello! I am Graeme Barrett owner of Temevale Alpacas located near Tenbury Wells (to quote Queen Victoria, “the town in the orchard”) in Worcestershire.

In search of the ‘good life’ and a rewarding semi-retirement activity I decided to enter the world of Alpacas. In 2009 and after some, probably not enough, research I bought six breeding females to form my foundation herd which I registered as Temevale Alpacas.

Initially viewing this as purely a hobby-type activity I, like most, very quickly became totally hooked on these incredible animals and almost magically it became a passion. Thoughts of building and developing a small business venture very quickly became all consuming.

Today at Temevale my business partner, Trish Tatchell, and I have an established combined herd of 55 Alpacas which includes Temevale, Trish’s & GT Alpacas. This combined herd and our business interests span many facets of our industry, ranging from all forms of diversification activity through to the ongoing development of an award winning Show team.

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