Summer 2016

Setting the Standard

Breeding alpacas in Hungary is a real challenge, especially when you are the only alpaca farm in the entire country.

Our story began in 2008 when we bought a piece of land just behind the land of my parents in Jobaháza, Hungary. All together we had one hectare of land and we were thinking what we should do with it. Our plan was that my parents and especially my father should work on this land so it had to be something he can handle alone and if possible not day and night but a few hours relaxed working a day.

Soon we decided to do something with animals. But what kind of animal? For a long time we were making plans to breed ponies. Horses are a booming business in Hungary and we have never done it, we could not even ride a horse. But in the right time we were advised by friends in Holland that we should breed alpacas. ALPACAS???? What are alpacas?

So we started to learn more about alpacas. We started to build a shelter and fencing and when everything was ready there was the economic crises and we had no money for the alpacas anymore.
But we couldn’t wait until the end of the crisis and in the summer of 2010 we bought our first alpaca females with a bank loan.

There was no information in Hungary about alpacas, there were no vets who knew anything about alpacas and there are no facilities if an alpaca gets pregnant or sick. Even now it is a problem to screen a pregnant alpaca, there is no vet with an echo. We can only determine progesterone level in blood to be sure the female is pregnant. We have no plasma bank and until few weeks ago we had to buy alpaca nutrition from Austria.

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