Sharing the Love

By Jo McManus of Weavers Wood Alpacas.

“I stare up at my mother’s hands and try to make sense of the blur and movement. It’s 1977 and I’m at primary school learning to knit. My mother, the last in a long line of accomplished hand-knitters, has been drafted in by the primary school to teach the kids this essential skill. I’m befuddled, it’s not going well. I try listening to her instructions, feeling that as her daughter I really ought to be able to do this. It’s embarrassing.

“Fast forward 35 years or so and I’m becoming aware, in the gossip annals of magazines and social media, that knitting is BACK. Everyone’s doing it, especially in Hollywood. It’s the new yoga. Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, even the Duchess of Cambridge have had a go. As I stare down at several bags of fleece, the first clip from our very own alpacas, I know I had to embrace my heritage and give it a go.

It was now or never.”

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