Autumn 2002


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Alpaca Fibre Forum
A self funding share scheme open to any alpaca owner/breeder

Abscesses Abound
A few tips from Bob Shaw

Summer Show Round-Up
Post Foot and Mouth shows

Northern Alpaca And Llama Group
Social and educational alpaca group

Diary Of An Alpaca Freak’s Daughter
Bidding for alpacas at a show

The Dutch Alpaca Lover
Confessions of a 15-year old alpaca lover

How Can I Sell My Alpacas?
Peter Watson of South West Alpacas concludes his introduction to marketing

Fibre Finer Points
Characteristics of good alpaca fleece

Late Birth
Chas Brooke suggests that females can be bred to give birth late in the year

The Spinner’s Tale
Hand spinning alpaca fleece

The Importance of Crimp
Maggie Kreiger points out the importance of crimp to fleece processors and growers

Oh, Baby! Type A or Type B?
Marti McGee takes a look at two kinds of alpaca baby

At Peace With Alpacas
Greg and Rachael Graham of New Zealand talk about their alpaca farming experiences

Charles Ledger, an adventurous Englishman who became a successful trader in Peru, was the first man to take alpacas to Australia

The Need to Know
Breeding sideways or downwards will achieve nothing for the grower, says John Gaye

Christmas is Coming
A guide to just some of the companies that sell things made out of alpaca

Vicuña: Back From The Brink
Brief profile of the vicuña – both the world’s most expensive cloth and a model of ecological friendliness.

Maria Bravo asks us not to forget that these animals are unique, they are special, and that is why we became alpaca breeders.


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