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Autumn 2005



Genetic Alpaca Improvement Part 2: What Are We Doing?
Dr Wayne Jarvis looks at the goals and objectives of animal breeders

Practical Herd Management
Tim Hey gives some tips and techniques for the small breeder

Alpaca AI
Jorge Reyna takes us through research into artificial insemination in alpacas

Andrew Spillane’s Letter from France
Andrew Spillane writes about alpacas in northern France

Shirley Simpson takes us through washing and preparing alpaca fleece for spinning

Caesarean Section in Llamas and Alpacas
The authors look at caesarean section

A Successful Year at UK Alpaca
The boom in hand knitting is good news for alpaca yarn

Why Worsted?
John Arbon writes about the worsted system of spinning yarn

Camelid Cousins: The Llama
Paul Rose dispels a few myths and introduces the alpaca’s cousin, the llama

Emerald Isle Alpacas
Xandria Williams reviews her first few years in alpacas, in Ireland

African Progress
Gavin Lindhorst writes of the early days of establishing alpacas in South Africa

The Myth, the Mites and the Munge
A suggested remedy from Mike Safley for those troublesome alpaca skin problems

Uterine Torsion in Llamas and Alpacas
The authors look at uterine torsion


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