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Autumn 2006



Her Outback: Long Live the Oakbank Five
Alex Harrington-Smith, Alpaca Manager at the EP Cambridge Stud in Australia, dispels some myths many of us may hold dear about life down-under

Letter From France
Andy Spillane reports on the current developments in the French alpaca industry

Blue Tongue Risks Assessed
A report on the outbreak of the bluetongue virus in Europe

The British Llama Society
Paul Rose celebrates a new organisation with a twenty year history!

Embryo Transfer: A Glossary of Terms
Jorge Reyna from Sydney University’s useful glossary of terms used in embryo transfer (ET) reproductive medicine

Come Fly With Me: The Art of Export from Down Under
Nic Cooper describes the process of exporting alpacas from New Zealand to the UK

Genetics Journal (Part Four)
Dr Wayne Jarvis explains how the genetics of animal breeding are much more complex in most cases

Strong Foundation for Newly Established Norwegian Alpaca Industry
Connie Haugen of Alpacas of Norway reports

Stand Up and Be Counted! Alpaca Distribution in the UK
A picture of the UK’s alpaca population, by region

Keeping In Line
Stansbury Alpacas’ Steve Marshall believes line breeding has enormous potential for improving alpaca genetics

Camelid Cousins: Llamas are fun
Paul Rose believes that possibly the best reason for keeping llamas is because llamas are fun

New Zealand: Gateway to Europe
New Zealanders Greg and Rachael Graham, of Valley of Peace Alpacas, believe that European alpaca breeders could benefit from export regulations that so clearly favour their homeland

The Scandinavian Scene: A Letter from Sweden
Ann Marie Santesson Gerber of Osterlen Alpacka describes two Swedish alpaca events


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