Autumn 2011



British Alpaca Futurity 2012
Auction news
Heart of England Fleece Show
Romsey Show
Honiton Show
Alpaca injured by hunt
Why Buckeye
10 years of CONOPA
Llama type
Ask the vet
World Alpaca Conference
Gaia wedding

Special Features
Houston Conference
A handle on suri
Old World Camelids
Falklands expedition
Guanacos in the Falklands

Alpacas in the future: 1-2-3
Esprit Alpacas
Elderly alpacas
The Alpaca Collection

Health & Welfare
Ovulation-inducing factor in seminal plasma
Nutrition in Alpacas Part 4
Worms and the optimal diagnostics

Regular Features
Letter from France
Breeders directory


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