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Autumn 2016



4 Cash in the Classic: Alpaca Classic
6 Wizards of Oz: AAA National Show
6 Let’s work together… for greatness
6 Milestone alpaca
8 New blood test for Bovine TB
9 Parasite problem
9 Roadkill could shed light on TB in badgers
10 Bovine TB: the ongoing challenge
12 Online makeover for magazine

42 Letter from France: The shape we’re in
58 Breeders directory

14 Kristina’s Collection
18 Travels with my mother – our Peruvian adventure
26 Scoring with greater accuracy
30 A Good Night from them: My Alpaca, Poland
36 Alpaca + Norway = a perfect fit: Knapper Alpakka
46 Chute-ing Star: the Watertown Alpaca Chute
50 From field to fibre: Bonheur Alpacas
52 The plight of the Peruvian alpaca farmer – a vet’s experience


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