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Autumn 2017



4 Quechua Benefit: Breaking the cycle of poverty in Peru
5 Top line-up for BVCS Conference

6 Crate Expectations: The trials and tribulations of import and export
10 The Value of Length: Or why staple length should be a top breeding priority
14 Magic in Miniature: Zerga Studio
20 Made to Treasure: The business of creating a 3D alpaca sculpture
28 Alpacas en España: The realities of the alpaca market in Spain
32 One Year On: Little Orchard Alpacas
38 Sharing the Love: Weavers Wood Alpacas
44 Swede Inspiration: Alpacas in Sweden
50 Fleece in the Foothills: Fibre Naturally, Australia

24 Letter from France: a shared interest
58 Breeders directory


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