Spring 2002


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UK Camelid Skin Mite Survey Results
Report on alpaca skin problems in the UK

Black Out
The only show in the world dedicated to the black alpaca

Alpaca Fibre: What’s it Worth?
John Gaye looks at where alpaca fibre stands in the 21st century

Alpacas in Switzerland
The alpaca market in Switzerland

Mountain Meadows
Camelid ranching in Alberta

Birds do it, Bees do it… Alpaca do it Sitting Down
Chas Brooke, of Mile End Alpacas, takes a close look at the alpaca mating game

Saltaire is a model industrial village built on the huge profits made out of alpaca fibre in the nineteenth century

Foot and Mouth: the Campaign for Camelids
Mary Marshall reports that the government has finally recognised that camelids are one of the least susceptible animals to FMD

Nick Weber gets down to earth and takes a closer look at the one medium fundamental to the success of any commercial livestock enterprise

Worms and Worming
Extracts from the book Rearing Alpacas with Care and Kindness by Ann Young


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