Spring 2003


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The International Camelid Institute: A Vision for the Future
Claire Whitehead writes about the International Camelid Institute

The Importance of Good Record Keeping
Alex Harrington Smith describes how records enable you to manage your time and your herd efficiently

Management Software for Camelid Keepers
Alpaca World Magazine invited three software developers to describe the finer points of their herd management programmes

Showtime – Selection, Judging & Showmanship
Diane Condon, international alpaca judge and co-owner of the Shanbrooke herd in Australia, gets us in the mood for the summer show season with some reminders about how we can all make the most of the occasion

Frustration in Leading and Showing – an Email Dialogue
Marty McGee Bennett illustrates both the frustration of having a problem that doesn’t seem to be getting any better and the rewards of figuring out how to fix it

Standards in the US Showring
Maggie Krieger looks at showring standards from an American perspective

Llama Livelihood
Maggie Warner tells us about her passion for the fibre products that she makes and the animals that make it possible

On Top of the World
John Gaye reports on his recent trip to South America

Quechua Benefit
Quechua Benefit is a peripatetic charitable organisation providing dental care and physical comforts to the children of the indigenous Indian people of Peru

One Year On
Diane Bennett and her family had lived on their smallholding in North Yorkshire for just over two years and, apart from acquiring various ducks, geese, chickens and a ‘lunatic’ Border Collie pup named Jack, were really undecided as to what else to do

Into Africa
The alpaca may have the potential to make a significant contribution to the economy of our largest continent

Cornish Guanaco
The need for a viable niche market product leaves Cornishman Jon Glencross with an interesting tale to tell about the early stages of his new fibre venture

Why Sell By Auction?
Stephen Smith, one of the owners participating in the independent auction of alpacas at St Albans on 15th March 2003, explains the motivation behind the auction

The New Zealand Alpaca Industry
Did you know that the first alpacas to arrive into New Zealand came from England in 1986?

The Terrible Knitters of Dent
Norma Miller of Lowroy Alpacas came across the story of the knitters when she was looking for someone to make a sweater for her out of her own alpaca fibre

Farming Guanaco in Wales
An article about an experience at farming Guanaco

Artificial Insemination in Alpacas
Jane Vaughan waxes lyrical on the subject of artificial insemination (AI) in alpacas


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