Spring 2004


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Easier Than Learning Your ATVs
If you’re thinking of getting an All Terrain Vehicle, put away the pamphlets for a moment and talk to someone who’s got one, suggests Howard Dobson

Vicuña at Elgin Again
After a break of thirty-four years, writes James Sugden, Managing Director of tweed manufacturers Johnstons of Elgin, vicuña fibre is returning to Scotland on a commercial scale

Failure to Conceive – What Are We Doing Wrong?
Approaching the diagnosis of infertility in alpacas

Picnic Time
With the better weather and the beginning of the agricultural show season being just around the corner, John Gaye suggests how we can spice up those all-important lunchtime treats

Breeding for Black
Australian Alpaca Association Judge Dominic Lane, of Viracocha Alpacas, looks at the bright side of black

Old Hands and Young Pretenders
Many readers will recall John Gaye’s article on his last visit to Peru and all the joys of travelling around that wonderful country – the article attracted a great deal of interest and so we asked John to follow it up with more details of what he has seen in the quality of the alpacas and the circumstances of the breeders

Finding and Keeping Clients
In Part Two of our series extracted from her book Taking Care of Business, Deb Hill of Cloud Dancer Alpacas reminds us that without customers we have no business

A Little Champion
John Coates of Kerthua Park Farm Alpacas, Cornwall, recounts the sad tale of his first encounter with clostridial disease

The Paco-Vicuña
The perfect fine fibre hybrid? Phil and Dave Switzer certainly think so

In this article, Nick Weber looks at the establishment of new grass leys, their utilisation under a grazing regime and the conservation of grass for winter consumption

The Larger Side of Life
A bigger herd brings its own special demands, Alex Harrington-Smith describes working at Arunvale Alpacas

A New Boy on the Block
Retired City lawyer John Potts tells of his entry into alpaca keeping and shares his personal views on some important industry issues

TB in Camelids – a Fertile Ground for Dissent and Disharmony
The voluntary TB testing scheme for camelids in New Zealand, relevant to current debates in the UK


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