Summer 2002


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News: Alpaca ET First for Australian Breeders
The world’s first commercial embryo transfer in alpacas

News: Development of European Alpaca Registry Underway
Discussions on a European Alpaca Registry

Accounting for Change
Richard Hartley’s alpaca knitware business grows and grows

The year 2001 marked the birth of the Italian Alpaca Association, known as ITALPACA

External Parasites
The second extract from Ann Young’s book Rearing Alpacas with Care and Kindness

How Can I Sell My Alpacas
Peter Watson looks at the structure of the market into which we’re trying to sell our animals

Maria Bravo writes of the impact this beautiful animal has had on her life; the importance of its fibre and what we can and must do to ensure its survival

Why Bother With Alpacas in the First World?
There are three million alpacas in South America, why is there a need for the animals to be bred elsewhere?

Yes, You Can
No-restraint injections for Camelids

Statistically Speaking
Cameron Holt of the International School of Fibres in Australia demonstrates the importance of raising income from alpaca fibre production by selecting animals with quality fibre characteristics


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