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Summer 2004



Stud Males – Why Bother?
Dominic Lane, Australian Alpaca Association Judge, discusses why you should bother using high quality stud sires

Linebreeding In Practice
Steve Marshall provides some practical examples of linebreeding in action

Benelux Benefit
John Peeters on his ventures in Belgium and Holland

Why do they do it? Alpaca Ownership in New Zealand
Abel Alonso of the Wellington Institute of Technology, New Zealand, shares the results of his recent study

A Prizewinning Trip
Kath Wordsworth of Newland Alpacas, winner of Alpaca World’s Peruvian Secrets competition, reports back

Germany At The Crossroads
Radical new proposals for the German alpaca registration system are the cause of much debate amongst breeds

Future Futurities!
John Gaye reports on an event where the true winner was the UK alpaca industry as a whole

Finding BVD
Gina Bromage looks at Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) and its implications for camelids

Revving Up!
French interest in alpacas and llamas as a serious business enterprise is growing – Enid Anderson reports

Alpacas on the Costas
Nigel and Ginny Cobb with news on alpaca breeding in Spain

Building Our Future Together
The experience of the Peruvian Society of Registered Alpaca and Llama Breeders

Stud Males – Why Bother?
Lyn Dickson of Warralinga Alpaca Stud, near Sydney in Australia, on selecting stud males

TB or not TB?
Paul Rose reports on Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB)


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