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Summer 2005



Genetic Alpaca Improvement Part 1
Dr Wayne Jarvis explores the goals and objectives of alpaca breeders

The Cusichaca Trust
Douglas Walsh describes the Cusichaca Trust and its work with camelids in the Peruvian Andes

The Mighty Mite
One of the more insidious parasites to afflict camelids has to be the mite

Loading Up, Moving Out
Marty McGee aims to help you transport your alpaca wherever you may be heading, as comfortably as possible and with a minimum of drama

Blue-Eyed Whites
Australian biologist and alpaca breeder Elizabeth Paul considers the influence of colour genetics in the occurrence of blue-eyed whites

There is a great deal of interest among spinners in alpaca fibre

Dealing with Death in Camelids: Necropsy or Post-Mortem Exam
There can be no reliable information on the cause of an animal’s death if no post-mortem examination is done.


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