Winter 2002


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News: Peru Announce Census
A census of Peru’s three and a half million alpacas is planned to provide the first head count plus details of each animal by sex, colour, bloodline and ownership

News: Alpaca Genome Mapping to Begin
Work is about to start on an ambitious project to map the alpaca genome

News: Mini-Mill for Alborada
A new Mini-Mill for small scale fibre processing in the UK

There’s a Llama in the Loft!
Paul Rose tells how a chance encounter with a large white llama can have far reaching consequences when taken to heart too enthusiastically

Australian Safari 2002
Michael Brooke recalls the highlights of this year’s trip to investigate quality alpaca breeding, fleece production and marketing in Australia

Peter Watson of Southwest Alpacas reports on the BLAA sponsored screening seminar led by Maggie Krieger, and held on two chilly days in Devon

Future Perfect
When Paul Cullen first sat down to write about his recent alpaca importation he thought that it would be easy to explain the reasoning behind the decision

Parlez Vous Alpaga?
Isabelle Leydier Delavallade’s tireless efforts have done much to promote the alpaca across France

Jochen Kramer reports from his alpaca enterprise in Germany

Are we in a global industry?
Working to a global International Standard

Hearts and Minds… Which Registry?
Rodney Newth discusses the camelid registry operated by British Camelids Limited

A Bonny Bathgate Business
Fiona Wallace recalls her first encounter with the animal on which she has founded her business

Vicuña, the Golden Fleece
Eric Hoffman considers in depth the issues relating to the management of these threatened creatures

Aussies Adding Value
The Australian Alpaca Co-operative continues to build strong foundations for value added alpaca fleece products in Australia

Vet Day Notes
Veterinarians in the South West of England have come up with new advice for camelid breeders based on their experiences after a meeting convened by Gian Lorenzo d’Alterio of the University of Bristol Veterinary School

Llamas Vs Alpacas
Marty McGee compares and contrasts important handling issues for the two species

Letter: Double Vision
Letter to the Editor from Paul Rose, Roseland Llamas


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