Winter 2003


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Kerthua Park
Kerthua Park Alpacas, a tourism development

UK Llamas
A chance encounter with llamas during an adventure exploring the wild west in Arizona, Utah and Colorado

Alpaca at Coldharbour Mill
Coldharbour Mill is a 200 year old textile mill now used for alpaca fibre processing

Severnwye Llama Trekking
A heartwarming story of llama trekking

The Alpaca Centre
The Alpaca Centre in Cumbria is the only one of its type in Europe and has been developed to expand knowledge of the alpaca, its products and its viability as a farm animal for fibre production

Winter Birthing
A timely reminder of the need for extra care and consideration for cria born at this inclement season

Surviving Peru
John Gaye on the ‘Peru Factor’, the country’s ability to frustrate and infuriate, whilst remaining the most friendly and thoroughly entertaining place

Uterine Infections in Alpacas
A study in progress by Stephen Durdy

Alpacas and the Bus Driver
An introduction to alpacas

Vicuña Conservation and Sustainable Use
The Vicuña, writes Cristian Bonacic, is giving conservationists more questions than answers

Stacking Up the Numbers: Planning and Tracking Your Business Success
The following is an extract from Taking Care of Business: Tools for Success in the Alpaca Industry by Deb Hill of Cloud Dancer Alpacas

On Tour with Marty McGee
Marty McGee gives her impressions of the UK fresh from her Camelidynamics animal handling tour

Peruvian Fibre Production
Francis Rainsford looks at the situation today and suggests what the future holds for Peruvian industrial fibre production

Arequipa: Alpaca Fiesta 2003
Francis Rainsford, Michael Brooke and Su Lenk report on the major alpaca event of South America


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