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Alpaca World Magazine brings together on a quarterly basis, news of what is happening, offers informative and authoritative articles from international experts and provides a platform for the exchange of information. Alpaca World Magazine remains the foremost alpaca magazine in Europe and is remarkable value for its subscription rates.

The only way of assuring you receive every issue of Alpaca World Magazine delivered to your door or computer is by subscribing.

Our subscription base continues to grow around the world in recognition of its strong and well-informed editorial content covering topics not to be found in other publications. We hope you will enjoy each issue and support us with your subscription for the next four issues.

The costs associated with the printing and mailing of a glossy full colour large page quarterly magazine continue to rise and this is reflected in the subscription charges for the delivery of the print version to your door step. Recent increases in postal costs has necessitated a small increase in print subscription rates.

Whilst offering excellent value, for those wishing to enjoy Alpaca World Magazine through the internet, subscription is also now available as an online download version in pdf format, at reduced prices.  Please be aware that file size will be up to 20Megabytes and a good broadband connection is advisable.

Limited numbers of the current issue of Alpaca World Magazine is also available free of charge from a number of country stores around the UK.