Taking the Predator out of you

Julie Taylor-Browne of CamelidSense writes about how to minimise fear of humans in alpacas.

(I really wanted to call this article taking the U out of Predator, but as you will have seen, there isn’t one, but I really like the title so I would be grateful if you could proceed as though there were.)

Few people would disagree that humans are predators (although at an early evolutionary stage we were probably more like prey) and that alpacas and other camelids are prey animals. Camelids are peaceable ruminants who care for their offspring and other members of their herd. Whilst they may attack other animals who they see as a threat, they don’t stalk them, kill them and eat them.

Human beings, on the other hand, evolved on to two legs precisely so that they could be more efficient and successful hunters by using tools to capture and kill their prey.

Millennia of evolution have not changed these facts, and whilst most alpaca owners no longer need to hunt for their supper, we still experience many of the primitive driving forces caused by our predatory nature, shown in our love of shopping and our enjoyment of ball games.

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