Spring 2017

The Judges Story

International judge Robin Näsemann has been breeding alpacas with his family for twelve years. Their farm is called “Abolengo de Alpaca” and they have 70 alpacas that graze on “Gut Aldenhövel” in Lüdinghausen.

Alpacas caught our attention on a TV report and so we started with three females from a South American import. It is just beautiful to live with these peaceful animals and observe them. The breeding is very interesting, it is not factory farming, instead I know each of my animals by name.

An enthusiasm began, which went far beyond a hobby and has partly become my profession today. I decided to go to the AOA in 2010 to become a show judge in the USA to slake my thirst for knowledge about alpacas and their evaluation for breeding decisions. It was a decision that had a profound effect on my life and laid the foundations for my current knowledge.

The real excitement about being a judge is that I get to see so many different animals, discover their quality and their potential and can indirectly influence breeding decisions.

The difficulty in becoming a show judge is to learn how to gather a lot of information in a very short time, because there are only a couple of minutes to judge an alpaca during a show. There are many criteria for evaluating the alpaca, for example, the first impression of their movement, physique, proportions and balance, in addition the evaluation of the fleece, its density, its brightness, its uniformity and its fineness.

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