W.H.O. approval for BT test

The Enferplex Bovine TB test, widely used voluntarily in the camelid industry, was approved by the World Health Organisation for animal health, for use in cattle this summer.

SureFarm Ltd launched the UK’s first government approved private health scheme for the voluntary surveillance of bovine TB (bTB) for the camelid industry with the Enferplex test in 2014.Since then a large number of alpacas have been tested.

The scheme uses a serological blood test providing far greater accuracy than the current skin test known to be imprecise in camelids. Camelid Diagnostics will maintain the integrity and security of the British camelid industry and increase commercial opportunities for its members including the export of stock to Europe. By having animals accurately tested the scheme will clarify the herd or individual animal’s infection status in relation to bovine TB at the time of testing.

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