Summer 2017

We Love Lusi

By Lulu Oliver, Lusi Alpacas. When asked to write this article I wasn’t sure how to go about it and from what angle so I have written a little about Lusi Alpacas and a bit more on my thoughts of the industry here in the UK, as this is ‘Alpaca World’ . It may not be relevant to other countries so I apologise to the rest of the world.

The most frequent questions I get asked is ‘how did we get into alpacas’ and ‘why?’ The first is easier to answer – our story is not unusual, so many owners get a first glimpse of alpacas and get instantly hooked. We saw vets trying to save the life of a tiny cria on the television and my husband looked at me and said “how amazing – let’s find out more about alpacas”.

So he went to the instant information gratification system, commonly known as Google and started to read up all about alpacas. Subsequently we went on a fact finding venture to find out more about these lovely animals. We had recently bought a property with more land and already owned horses so it seemed that they would fit in well with our lifestyle.

Having spoken with a number of breeders, and visited farms we bought two pregnant females and a companion wether and the rest is history as they say, Lusi Alpacas was started, (by the way the ‘Lusi’ is from ‘Lulu’ and ‘Simon’.) I found out quite quickly that they are addictive, as I always warn new owners, and it didn’t take long for our herd to start expanding. That was 10 years ago and now we have a small herd of high quality black alpacas.

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